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What is the difference between AC & DC?

There is only two types of electricity one is AC & other is DC.flow of electricity in two ways alternative current (AC) and in direct current (DC).Electricity or Current is nothing except flow (movement) of electrons in an conductor like a wire (iron,copper,silver,gold etc).

Direct Current

In AC (alternative current) the flow of electrons keep switching (changing) its directions.positive to negative or negative to positive.sometime go in forward and sometime in goes in backward.

In DC (direct current) flow of electrons regularly in a single direction.

Note: AC is the best way to carry electricity to a long distance.     current logo

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Comparison outline

Alternating Current VS Direct Current comparison outline
Alternating Current Direct Current
Current Current that magnitude with time current that has constant magnitude with time
Direction Reverses in direction in a close circuit Always flow in one direction
Frequency The frequency of AC is 50Hz to 60Hz per second in difference country. It has NO frequency (0Hz)
Cause of the direction of flow of electrons Circle magnet along the wire. Constant magnetism along the wire.
Amount of energy that can be carried more power can be travelad and easy to use Cannot travel long distance
Power factor In between 0 and 1 Always 1
Obtained from  Our home mains and AC Generator Soler cell,Battres,DC generator,Car battres
Passive Parameters Impedance Resistance only
Types Square,Trapezoidal,Triangular Pure and smooth
Usage  run our all home appliances To start a Motor vehicle

Alternating Vs Direct Current explain with video

What we Learn all above articular and attached video

Above articular video Shows complete and brief explanation of Alternative current (AC) and Direct current (DC) what AC and DC what difference between them.

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