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7 Easy Tricks to make amazing photos with your Mobile

The technology and the specialization of the devices advance so quickly that sometimes we are the users who we have to update to be able to use all the possibilities that offer us. Any smartphone with a minimally acceptable camera is capable of small wonders that will leave with open mouth to anyone. Best of all, you do not need any extra expensive accessories or be an expert in photography. We’ve all read a bunch of sites articles that promise to teach unique stuccoes to make fantastic photos. But even so, what we are going to tell you here is very unlikely to know you.

 1..  How to appear multiple times in a panoramic photo. With the camera in panoramic mode, have a friend sweep slowly somewhere where you’ll be moving and, if you like, posting. When you finish the capture you will see that your image appears several times in the composition. It looks like a sophisticated special effects trick but it’s the easiest thing in the world.

2.   A variation of the above is to activate the panoramic mode of your camera while you are in motion. For example, traveling in a car. The images you take while you are at a constant speed will surprise you with its originality. You can practice with landscapes, buildings, groups of people …

3.   If you have binoculars or a spyglass, even if they are not very sophisticated, try to place them next to the camera lens of your mobile to take pictures of objects far away. As you are not using the zoom, the sharpness of the image will be perfect. It is a trick known and used but we do not always have it. And believe us, any binocular or telescope serves for this trick.


4.   Make macro shots without a special lens. This occurrence will allow you to make great macro photos with just a straw and a drop of water. How you hear it. Take a drop of water with the straw and carefully place it on top of the lens of your smartphone. You will have a few seconds, while the drop remains stable, to photograph that flower or that insect so flashy. In addition, the image will be accompanied by a nice blur effect on the edges, which will confer a curious professional air in the purest National Geographic style.

5.   How to look much better in outdoor portraits. The typical silver reflector that we use to cover the windshield of the car, or in lack a bit of aluminum foil will serve to reflect the light as best suits us or distribute it evenly. A portrait with the light giving us directly on the face usually looks bad, but if you try to “light up” on your side you will see how it is something else. The difference with a photo without using a reflector is tremendous.

6.   How to make yourself self-portraits or selfies without the “arm effect”. On youtube, you will find hundreds of tutorials to build a simple cardboard holder that will keep your mobile stable. And if not, try to support the phone in a folded glasses! Once this is done, you can use one of those headphones that allow you to shoot the camera with the volume button (usually just press “volume up” for the camera to take a picture). It is also a useful trick to make “spy” photos if you place the phone properly and make the photos using the mentioned headphones.


7.   Underwater photos. Something that seems unattainable without the right equipment, but that is very easy to get – with certain limitations, of course. As simple as putting the phone in a transparent container, for example, a glass or a glass jar, and immerse it in the water. Of course, it must be a shallow place; But with a little imagination, you can get amazing effects.

In the following video, you will find a summary of all these tricks and you will clear any doubt.

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