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7 Things you Should not share on social networks

We live in a society that publishes many moments of the day to day on the Internet and we forget what it entails, for that and for greater security, we are going to inform you of seven things that you should not share in social networks :


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It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people post their phone number on social networks, either by carelessness or knowingly. The truth is that if you share your phone number in a social network , you expose that many people have it to make inappropriate calls. Also, it can be used by companies and they contact you to advertise your products or services.

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E-mail is usually published in social networks with greater ease than the phone number because you have the feeling that it is less dangerous, but it is not true, if you facilitate your mail it may be filled with spam or computer viruses.

If it is true that in social networks like LinkedIn, publishing an email address can make companies contact you more easily to offer you a job, but in this case you better create a specific email for this purpose.


This is perhaps one of the most sensitive issues of social networks. If you want to share a picture of your child or one of your younger relatives, however much you have permission to do so, it is not convenient. You never know in the hands of who can end this photograph or for what purposes can use it.

If you still want to share a picture of a child you are very fond of, the best thing is that your face does not appear in the image, make sure the child is on his or her back or seen from a distance. If, in addition, the child is not your child, you should not post a picture of him in any way, not even with the permission of their relatives and they may change their mind and this will be a problem. It is true that we tend to share our moments, especially in networks such as Facebook or Instagram , but when it comes to children under age, best avoid.


Yes, we know that many times you are tempted to publish your location in social networks , or that sometimes it is activated without you realize it, but it is recommended that you do not share this information in any of your social profiles as it can carry Unpleasant situations


If a person wants to harass you or threaten you and you give them your location through the Internet , you can use this data against you. It is therefore best that you share this type of information after you have been in this place, so you will not take any risks.


Thieves will never tell you not to an empty house, so it is advisable not to post social dates on your travels and to wait to be back home to share the photographs of the sites you have visited. This way you will not be able to inform anyone that your address is alone and vulnerable.


You never know who may be reading your posts or who can get these, even if you have your private profile. It is true that we tend to share our opinions, especially on dynamic social networks like Twitter . But you should keep in mind that there are many companies that in a selection process decide to consult the social networks of the candidates to know more information about them. If they discover your publications by speaking badly about your previous or current company, this may create distrust in them and decide not to count on you, even if you have a dazzling resume.



It is essential that you never share photographs of documents such as your ID, passport, driver’s license, credit cards or work contracts as they all contain important personal information that can be used to harm you.
According to a recent IAB study , social media users devote an average of almost three hours a week, so it is often published a lot of information without taking into account the risk that may be, so we recommend that you put In practice the tips that we have numbered.
You know that, with caution, you can surf the Internet and enjoy social networks without worries. In addition, to have a great connection , contract one of the best Fiber and ADSL offers

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