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7 Best Apps Like Snapchat 2017

Snapchat has become, in a very short time, one of the most famous social networks . Its peculiar ephemeral messaging system , where messages, photos and videos can be viewed for a certain time chosen by users, has had a resounding success among millenials .

However, now it is not at its best. Many people are looking for alternatives to this platform , either because they have tired of their design or by the decline of users. If you are one of them, the applications that we show you below are ideal for you.

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The world’s largest social network is becoming more like Snapchat . You can send messages, photos and videos to your friends and make them disappear in less than ten seconds , record live and then upload it to story mode , and even the application alerts the sender if the recipient has made a capture of your message.



This app has done pretty much the same thing as Facebook , copying some of Snapchat’sfunctions . It lets you send pictures and videos that expire, or upload stories with effects that disappear 24 hours . Instagram offers animations , filters and the option to write by hand on the videos and images that you publish.




The augmented reality of this platform makes it very similar to Snapchat . It has lots of filters and stickers that we can add to our photos. It is also capable of changing our faces with other people , such as editing the images with collages, texts or frames. Of course, you do not have the option of interacting with other users.




It is a momentary messaging application that goes beyond modifying images with filters. Enjoy an incognito mode so you can chat privately with anyone you want, with a self-destruct messages . Another of its characteristics is the possibility of turning “selfies” into “emojis”, to be caricatured to the last.



Squawk encourages the use of messages in a more casual and interesting way to share all kinds of content in our conversations. In addition, it gives us the option to edit the messages once they have been sent and to delete them .


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