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Quick Ways To Free Up Space In Your Gmail Account

Google offers us many services and one of them is the email in Gmail. Thanks to it we can use all the other tools of the company, which has led to become one of the most popular mail managers around the world, such as Microsoft Outlook, or Yahoo. So you do not have to use countless accounts, today we want to teach you a few tricks to recover space in Gmail .


The amount of free space offered by the Mountain View company is 15 GB , which can be more than enough for the vast majority of users. We need to remember that Gmail shares storage with other Google services like Google Drive. So if you have to store all your mails, documents and files, at some point that amount can be short for you.

Gmail does not allow us to group the mails that arrive depending on the size of the content and thanks to its search bar we can find the heaviest ones and delete them. If we enter the command “size:” followed by a number, such as size: 12345 , we will find all files less than 0.012345 megabytes, because the tool searches for all files in MB. A similar way to get those messages is to include in the search “larger:” and we will see the same messages. For example: larger: 90000 .

But imagine you have your tray full of files that size. In this case you can narrow the search a little more with another command. To the previous you must add ” and category: “. If we stick to the example above could be: size: 123 and category: promotions or size: 123 and category: social to search among all promotions and social networking messages that have arrived and occupy less than 0,000123 MB. If we have chosen the larger option is the same, we include that command and we will all appear: larger: 90000 and category: social


Very easy. Just click on any of the sections in Gmail as Drafts or sent and you will see the command to enter. In this case in: draft or in: sent. So you must enter draft or sent to search between your drafts and sent messages.

Now you just have to decide which of those messages you want to delete to avoid having to delete one by one hundreds of emails.


When we talk about large messages sure you think about video files, audio files or images. To find these files we have to enter “filename:” and the category we want to find. An example can be filename: jpg , filename: doc or filename: video to find the format jpg in images, doc for documents and video for videos.


We can never know when we may need a message with a document that is vital, like an invoice for a purchased ticket, but we should eliminate those that are less important so that we do not have thousands of messages in our inbox. To delete these emails that could almost be the Palaeolithic, you have to do is put in the search bar “Older_than” and then refine year search, if you want to be the last year older_than: 1y , the ago Two years older_than: 2y or those from 3 years ago older_than: 3y ; Or enter older_than: 1m for the previous month or older_than: 2mTo check all that you have for 2 months.

We do not need to be professional computer technicians to put these tricks into practice. If you do not want to learn all the commands, simply go check your inbox, spam or spam and delete them. This way you will not get congested your account with hundreds of messages and find those that may be useful afterward.

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