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5 Apps to incress the WIFI signal of your Smartphone

“There’s WiFi!”, You say happily as you walk into that cafe lined by the sticker on the door. You need to connect at all costs and, who knows why, you’re not worth the data connection (maybe you’re abroad). You enter the establishment, ask for something and quickly ask for the WiFi key.They tell you. Find the network, enter password and connect. Happiness? No: the signal is too low.


And worse still when this happens to you in your own home, with your router and your Internet connection (if it is with the neighbor’s normal and you have no right to complain). What to do? Is there any way to increase the WiFi signal on the mobile? Any smartphone equivalent of the famous Pringles boat legend? Of course! There are apps for everything and some apps will help you increase the WiFi signal , either by getting your smartphone to receive it better or by pointing you to where you should move. Next we go with 5 apps to improve the WiFi signal of the smartphone .


1.- OpenSignal

This app will make the classic walks with your mobile high looking for the place with the best signal (both WiFi and coverage in general) are simpler: it will show you an arrow with the direction you should follow . In addition, on a map you can see where the nearest mobile antennas are, as well as the areas where there is more coverage for your operator. You can also locate the public WiFi points that you have around you, very useful if you have not yet found that bar with the sticker outside. It’s a free app, available for Android


2.- WiFi Analyzer .

Sometimes the problems with the WiFi signal come through the simple interference or overlap between several networks , something against which we, as users of foot, we can do nothing. Or we could not: this app monitors the surrounding wireless networks and detects which ones are interfering and which channels. Thus, it will be easier for you to choose the network that is less mixed with others. It also has a sound alarm that we can activate so that the app notifies us when we are in a place with good coverage. Available for Android .

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3.- Network Speed ​​Booster .

This app works, they explain, renewing the connection to mobile towers, thus improving the reception and speed of the Internet . A bit like when you unplug and plug the router and you make everything go faster. The improvements are remarkable: the quality of the call, the reception of radio, Internet … In its favor, it also has a very intuitive interface, so it is not difficult to learn how to use it to make the most of it. Available for Android


4.- WiFi Connect .

A kind of WiFi network manager that shows you which connection points you have near, as well as the strength of your signal, the channel number, your security, link speed and IP address. In addition, you can also activate the notifications, to always know if you have WiFi networks at your fingertips. The best, however, is its design, quite original: the available connections appear in the form of paper clippings as glued on a bulletin board. Available for free for Android .

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5.- WiFi Manager .

The WiFi Manager application for Android is very simple to use. This application will help you to know all the WiFi networks that are within your reach and informs you of its channel and power.

In addition, thanks to WiFi Manager you can enable its handy desktop widget with which you can activate and deactivate a connection just by clicking on its switch icon. When you connect to a network, the application through your widget will show you: the network name, the strength of the signal , illustrated in a graph with percentages. On the other hand, you can also see the IP address assigned to that network. In short, with WiFi Manager you can find out at any time if the WiFi connection of your smartphone is optimal.


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