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3 way to Repair Fix your Pen-drive (USB Flash) and recover lost data.

Some common faults is that the pen-drive (flash) does not appear between the devices, it says that it has no format, or when double click from my PC does not open, or simply the PC does not recognize it, here I will try to give solution for each of these cases, If your case is different put it in the comments and try to give solution in future posts, it is also important that you know that not all cases have a successful solution, but there is a great possibility that you have a solution.


Step 1: Determine whether the fault is physical or logical

Hardware failures (physical)

When we connect a usb memory to the pc and it does not recognize it for any reason and the led indicator does not blink then it is a physical fault

Solution 1

USB inside

When the usb is moving when connected to the pc and it recognizes it then there is a bad solder in the pins of the USB connector.

Unplug the usb carefully and proceed to
Solder with a care and careful not to join the pins; Attached image

USB parts

Solution 2;

The usb devices have a protection in case of reverse polarization is typical that one connects his usb in a cyber and this is spoiled by the bad polarization of usb ports; In this case we will not always be able to rescue the usb but make the attempt.

The protection of the devices consists of a simple fuse resistance this component has a low resistance generally in the order of 1 to 5 ohm

The ideal is to replace it with another of its same resistance we can get it on some old computer board or some electronics store

But if we want to give a quick solution we take a piece of fine wire and proceed to make a bridge as shown in the image.


It should be emphasized that this is not the right solution but uff if it gets us out of trouble
In addition if the intention is to recover the data well it is worth performing the whole process.
Note: To determine the resistance to change or to bridge, we follow the trace with a multimeter from the positive terminal until we find the first resistance and that will be the resistance
If you do not have a multimetro then take a magnifying glass and look at the value, is the one that indicates 2R2 is usually near the usb port.


Some usb are like the micro sd osea memories are in a single module in that case the memory is already useless

When the usb is affected by the humidity and this corroded inside will have to clean it with benzine or in its defect a bit of thiner can also be used isopropilico alcohol.

Solution 3

If the usb received a very strong blow then most likely the quartz crystal has broken.


In this case it is necessary to look for this component in another usb or some electronic card that carries said component is important to see the value of its frequency of oscillation is usually 12 or 24 Mhz obtained that component we will replace it for this we will use a cautin, taking care of no Join your pins

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