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What is CGNAT and why is it used?

CGNAT stands for Carrier-grade NAT, a technique used to extend the life of IP addresses. Do you know why this practice is performed? We explain what CGNAT is and if it affects your internet connection . Keep reading!   WHAT IS CGNAT? The Internet connects millions of computers daily, but the number of addresses available for …

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Youtube useful tricks

Youtube is the largest video platform on the Internet and over the years has been including functions that go well beyond streaming . Today we are going to show you some of them: YOUTUBE CHEATS SHARE VIDEOS FROM AN EXACT POINT Many times we can not resist sharing a video with our friends , but the part …

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With the arrival of each new update of the Android operating system we are interested in the news that will bring to all devices, but we are always in doubt whether our smartphone will receive the update or not. Therefore, if you do not have a Google Nexus Pixel or you should be very …

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First Mobile without Battery has Arrived

without battery mobile

One of the parts of the mobile that gives more problems is the battery. As we use our phone more, it loses autonomy. We panic when we see the low battery symbol. Therefore, we buy external batteries and go with the charger everywhere so we do not hang around without being able to …

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How to set Password on External Hard Drive

external password

Nowadays, our security in the network is being greatly altered due to the continuous cyber attacks that have occurred lately. Hackers increasingly have more sophisticated methods to alter systems. Therefore, it is very important to use passwords in any device or online account. Especially in those we use very often and in which …

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