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How to Record Slow Motion Videos with mobile

If any of you have had some good Kings and you have dropped some new iPhone, a GoPro or some camera, Enjoy your videos! Because there is no discussion that slow motion for videos has become very popular today. The videos with slow-motion shots are spectacular especially in sports videos …

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How to make perfect Selfie

All media are echoing new technologies, how to use them, how they will help our health and the organization of our lives. The wearable are on everyone’s lips, but what people really like are the selfies. Specifically, Spaniards are the ones who have the most ‘addiction’ of all Europe to this …

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Do you know what is Selfies?

He may not have heard it, though he may have. Write selfie to your techno dictionary. This new English term describes a practice that grows in the heat of social networks and new technologies.The selfies are self – portraits , especially those made with smartphones , that are shared through …

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Retouching Sharing and Retrieving Photos


It seems a lie, but a few years ago it was difficult and expensive to have a camera phone built-in – and let’s not talk about a decent camera. Today is the opposite: there is no smartphone that does not have it, and in addition to a quality that is …

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