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15 best Apps to Hack WiFi networks in Android and Iphone of 2017

If you want to check the security of your Router’s WiFi password from a phone, whether it’s ONO, Movistar, Claro, Jazztel, Orange or any other operator, you can not miss this article with the best apps available to audit networks from Android or IOS.

If you have arrived at this web searching Google, some term related to these: “Hacking wifi, stealing wifi, cracking wifi, hacking wifi or breaking keys Wifi”, you know that you will find the opposite, here you will learn to protect yourself Of the hackers who want to hack Wi-Fi networks, if you enter the security category of the web, you will be able to find a lot of information to protect you from the attacks of “roba wifi” and to learn to audit wifi networks and have your network protected.

As for example in the post of “how to protect you from Linset attacks”

I recommend you try WhatsApp Plus.

Are these applications really useful when it comes to auditing a Wi-Fi network? The truth is that it is not the best method, that if, if one of these apps is able to tell you the password of your wifi, you have a real problem. The most important are these 3 things:

Change your wifi password for a more robust one.
Use WPA2 encryption.
Disable the router’s WPS.
Change the SSID.
This is the first step so that nobody can hack your wifi.

I’m going to present several applications for mobile phones or tablets that are used to audit wifi networks and do not even use them to hack wifi (that’s illegal and unethical).

You can also use these types of apps to know the wifi password in case of losing or forgetting the password.

4 Simple steps to Hack a WI-FI password

  1. Identify your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  2. Choose the right application for each provider.
  3. Download the application from our downloads page.
  4. Check the security of your network in less than 2 minutes.

If you are looking for pirate WiFi reminder that it is illegal and totally unnecessary, you can use Wifi Finder, an application to connect to a free Wi-Fi legally if you do not have a Wi-Fi network. But do not go fucking anyone hacking your wifi network.

If you prefer to read the post in English, look at the post translated. Now you are going to see how to break wifi keys a hacker.

To make it clear I repeat that if you have entered this page by typing in Google like hacking wifi, hacking wifi, hacking wif networks, decrypting wifi key, breaking wifi or something similar you are in the wrong place.

Here you will learn how to audit wifi networks in a very simple way using Android to do a basic check of our security. If you prefer to audit your network from Windows (by the way I leave you a guide to format and restore Windows 10), the best program is Wifi Auditor.

Although the most effective method of all is WifiSlax. Very soon we are going to present a course to audit professional networks with Wifislax.

These apps really do what they do is warn you that if you have not changed the wifi key of the router that brings by default your wifi key will be vulnerable and you will appear on the screen of your mobile your password. To you and anyone who wants not to be very far from your router and want to hack a network.

I’ve been researching the effectiveness of auditing networks for these Android apps, those that do not require root permissions (do not miss the new Android rooting guide for all makes and models and it takes less than 5 minutes) and honestly I do not see them of much use, perhaps only for the people very negated for the technology since it does not require of any knowledge.

These programs, practically all work the same, first makes a scan of the networks that the mobile finds and marks you in insecure networks. If yours detects you as insecure, you should change it.

You can check a Wi-Fi from Movistar, Ono, Telmex, Infinitum, Nextel or any other company from any country like Spain or Mexico, regardless of whether the network has WPA, WPA2 or WEP security.

No need to know anything about network security, no hacker wifi will use these apps, and this is not ethical hacking, is a very rudimentary verification of the security of your network wifi, has nothing to do with using Wifislax or Wifiway.

How do hackers hack a wifi password?

Hackers use several ways to break the wifi keys, in this article I will show you wifi applications for cell phones that simulate the hacking of a network, but they really serve to check the security of your own network and most take advantage of a vulnerability that Have the routers Wifi and is that the password that they bring by default in virtually all models is public domain, rather than the password, we know the algorithm used to put the default passwords.

Fortunately, Router manufacturers are putting their batteries to work and people are starting to crack and change default passwords (which you should do immediately and also change your password frequently, so you avoid hacking by brute force).

But, how does a hacker hack a network ?, using audit systems, such as WifiSlax, Wifiway, backtrack or Beini. So if you are able to learn how to handle an audit system of this type, no one will be able to hack your wifi network.

Also the best Antivirus are able to detect an attack on your wifi network.

Apps for auditing wifi on Iphone


In the screenshot above you have a few apps for Iphone with which you can check your wifi keys, one of the iOS applications that I have tried is Wifiaudit.

Both in the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod applications of this type last little in the Apple Store, due to the misuse that many people do, it is sad but instead of using these apps to check their own wifi network, they use them to hack Wifi.

Now it is time to analyze the 14 applications that I have been testing for Android on network auditing.

  1. AndroDumpper
  2. WIFI WPS WPA TESTER – Piratear wifi
  3. Router Keygen
  4. Wlan Audit
  5. HHG5XX Wep Scanner
  6. Wifi Pass
  7. Pulwifi
  8. Wireless Cracker
  9. Turbo Wifi Para routers Claro
  10. WPA Tester – Contraseña wifi
  11. Routerpwn – wifi claves
  12. PenetratePRO

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