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The 10 Technological trends that will be taken in 2017

There is less and less to start 2017 , but we are starting to have a glimpse of what this new year could be like. At least this is ensured by Ericsson’s new ConsumerLab report  with its annual trend report. What will be the main ones for the next 12 months?

“Consumers not only surround themselves with affiliated social networks but are also starting to customize how they experience the world with augmented and virtual reality technologies. They also want the future to stay fully mobile, which Implies that the demand for instantaneous and fast connectivity with environmentally friendly batteries is rapidly increasing.In this sense, the time of reality means that it is time for the 5G networks, “comments on the report Diana Moya, Director of Ericsson ConsumerLab For Latin America and the Caribbean

Check below the 10 technological trends that will be key for next year:

1. Artificial Intelligence for Everyone: According to this study, 35% of advanced Internet users want an AI consultant at work and one in four would like to have an Artificial Intelligence system as their boss. However, at the same time, almost six in ten respondents are worried that robots will soon “steal” their work from many people.

2. A faster IoT:  more and more consumers  are using automated applications, which promotes the Internet implementation of things. That’s why, two in five respondents surveyed by Ericsson believe that smartphones will learn their habits and will perform their activities automatically.

3. Good drivers, hello autonomous vehicles: it  is possible that learning to drive becomes a skill of the past. Why? Due to this technology, it is not only eye-catching to buy but also to hold level. Thus, according to the study, 1 in 4 pedestrians worldwide, would feel safer crossing a street if all vehicles were autonomous. Meanwhile, 65% of them would prefer to have an autonomous vehicle.


4. Combined reality: in three years, virtual reality could be indistinguishable from the real world. At least four out of five users in the survey believe so. In parallel, these people were also interested in the technology, and especially in gloves or shoes that allow them to interact with virtual objects.

5. Diseases of the new technologies:  As autonomous vehicles become a reality, the dizziness problems among its users will increase, which makes predicted to a third of the respondents, the need for pills against dizziness. One in three also want pills to fight the nausea that generate virtual and augmented reality technology.

6. The paradox of security of smart devices:  more than half, worldwide, already uses emergency alarms, location or notifications in their smartphones. Of those who claim that their smartphones make them feel more secure. However, three out of five say they take more risks because they trust their phones.

human social media

7. Social networks as a means of communication:  Today, people turn their social networks into sources of all kinds of information. Even one in three says that social media is their main source of news. And one in four values ​​more the opinions of their contacts, than the views of politicians.

8. Increased personal reality:  more than half of people would like to wear augmented reality lenses to illuminate dark environments and impending dangers. Meanwhile, a third of users have another use: delete the nasty elements that are near them.

9. Privacy split: 2 out of 5 advanced internet users only want to use encrypted services, but people are divided. While almost half would like to have appropriate and reasonable privacy in all services, and a third consider privacy no longer exists.

10. High technology for everyone:  Finally, within the most advanced users of the internet, there is a trend that ensures that these consumers would like to get all their products from the top five IT companies. Of these, 75% believe that this will happen within five years.

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