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10 keyboard shortcuts that everyone should know

Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity, reduce repetitive stress, and help keep you focused. For example, highlighting the text with the keyboard and pressing Ctrl + C is much faster than removing your hand from the keyboard, highlight the text with the mouse, right click -> copy, and then return the hand to the keyboard. Here we show you the 10 best keyboard shortcuts, which we recommend everyone to memorize and use.

Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert

Both Ctrl + C and Ctrl + Insert allow copying the highlighted text or selected item.

Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert

Both Ctrl + V and Shift + Insert serve to paste the text or object that is on the clipboard.

Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y

Ctrl Z allows you to undo your changes. For example, if you cut a text, pressing this shortcut will undo the last action and the text will return to normal. This shortcut can often be pressed several times, to undo several changes. Pressing Ctrl + Y would either redo it or repeat the last action.

Ctrl + F

Pressing Ctrl + F opens the Search in any program. This includes your Internet browser to search for any text on the current page.

Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Tab

By pressing this shortcut you can quickly switch between open programs, moving forward. You can also press Ctrl + Tab to switch between tabs in a program. Adding the Shift Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Tab key will move you back. For example, if you are pressing Alt + Tab and you pass the program you want to change, press Alt + Shift + Tab to move back to that program. In Windows Vista and 7 you can also press the Windows + Tab key to switch between open programs with a complete view of the window.

Ctrl + Backspace and Ctrl + left or right arrow

Pressing Ctrl + Backspace will delete an entire word at a time instead of a single character.

Holding down the Ctrl key while pressing the left or right arrow moves the cursor one word at a time instead of one character at a time. If you would like to highlight one word at a time you can hold down Ctrl + Shift and then press the left or right arrow to move one word at a time in that direction while highlighting each word.

Ctrl + G

While working on a document or other file in almost all programs, pressing Ctrl + G you can save the file. This shortcut should be used frequently anytime you are working on something important.

Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + End

Ctrl + Home moves the cursor to the beginning of the document and Ctrl + End moves the cursor to the end of a document.

Keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity

Ctrl + P

Open a print preview of the current page or document you are viewing. For example, press Ctrl + P now to see a print preview of this page.

Page Up, Spacebar, and Page Down

Pressing Page Up or Page Down will move you from the current page to the next page in that direction. When you browse the Internet by pressing the space bar also moves the page down, one page at a time.

Note: If you are using an operating system or programs in English, several of these slots may change.

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